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Just Super Stuff

Just Super Stuff

The woman crashed down from the heavens and into the street, creating a small crater where she landed. Bursting from the dust cloud The Steel Sparrow, cape billowing behind her, ran into the building.

“I don’t think there’s much time left,” one of the guards said to her. “All we’ve found was a note full of nonsense!”

“Stay back, I’ve got this,” she said as they gave her space.

A large bomb with hundreds of wires bundled every which way sat against the vault door. Approaching the mass of wires and pulling the note free she recognized it, a simple substitution language made up of greek letters they had created together.

Hey hun, I'll be at McKinley Bridge when you want to come find me  
To defuse the bomb cut one of the striped wires, any will do. See you soon  
❤️ -Mister Awesome Nighthawk  
p.s. Would you pick up some milk on your way home? We're out 

“That fiend,” The Sparrow whispered under her breath. She appeared to ponder the wires, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and cut one of the colorful striped wires. After a second she let out the breath and the group around her erupted in applause. Not wasting any time she ran from the building and lept into the air.

From her birds-eye view she saw McKinley Bridge and was off, flying at lightning speed. She saw Nighthawk, eyes closed and laying on his back with his hands behind his head. She closed the gap and prepared to smash him into oblivion.

The Sparrow held her fist high in preperation. As she made her approach his eyes popped open and looked into hers, the moment stretched on forever. Finally, he gave a playful wink as he rolled aside from her impending blow and jumped to his feet. Her fist sunk into the metal beam where he had been standing.

“Wow, you’re really coming for me,” Nighthawk said as he dodged a kick. “Why so perfervid?”

“Why so pretentious?” she shot back. “You really could have hurt someone back there.” She kicked him hard in the stomach. He stumbled and tried to catch his breath.

“The bomb? You act like I don’t know you! I knew you wouldn’t have any problem with it and besides,” he quietly added, “you do love to play the hero.”

She pulled her hand free and swung it at him. He grabbed it in midair.

“It’s been awfully torrid out today, why not go for a swim and cool off a bit?” he said as, holding by her hand, he swung her over his head and sent her rushing toward the river below.

“You did NOT just do that,” she shouted as she flew downward. “I’ll show you who you’re messing with.” She slid gracefully into the water and enjoyed how cool it felt compared to the hot air above. She could stay for a minute, but not too long. She couldn’t let the “bad guy” win.

She grabbed a long-abandoned sunken ship and pulled it free from its riverbed grave. She lifted it above her and slowly rose from the water as Nighthawk stood on the bridge and gave a passionate monologue to the onlooking crowd. Water poured from the surfacing vessel and the crowd began to take notice. “He has to hear the water,” The Sparrow thought, “Is he ignoring it? What a gentleman.”

The Sparrow grabbed Nighthawk by the back of his shirt and pulled him back. As he passed near and was obscured by her cloak, only this once she gave him a tight hug, before slamming him into the rusted ship. With a great show of effort she began to wrap the metal craft around him.

She could barely hear his dramatic shouts over the screeching of the twisting cage. “What are you doing,” this and “You’ve gone mad,” that.

Satisfied with her handiwork, The Sparrow tossed the ball above her head and punted it into the atmosphere.


“What was that?” Nighthawk whispered as he crawled into bed.

“Huh,” The Sparrow replied. She had been sleeping.

“You threw me past the moon, I just got back!”

“Knew you wouldn’t have any problem with it,” she replied in a mocking tone. “And besides, I know you love a good spectacle.”

“I do,” he said as he planted a kiss on her cheek and crawled into his warm bed. As he adjusted his pillow a thought popped into his head. “Oh yeah, did you get the milk?”

She was already fast asleep. He settled in beside her.

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