tales [ short-story fcc ]


An earsplitting bell filled the air, startling you awake. You try to think as you gasp for air, a bag covers your head. “I was just scavenging the city ruins, what’s happening?”

“Hello, meat,” A gruff voice booms. “If you wanta survive, find the gold key for the locked gate.”

You lift the bag, revealing a vibrant arena. Strings of shining colored bulbs connect the abandoned and overgrown booths around you. Scrambling to your feet, you see the voice’s source. A hulking brute covered in piercings lumbering towards you, locked gate behind him.

You see a small rifle leaning against a nearby booth and run to grab it. You shake the BB-gun to ensure it is loaded before beginning to pump it. He laughs as you turn and raise the weapon at him, pulling the trigger and sending the BB flying. It hits its target, but the laughter only intensifies.

“You think that’ll do anythin?” he says with a grunt. As he approaches and you see it isn’t jewelry, metal loops with multicolored keys hang from his skin. They rattle as he gains speed. You drop the gun, grabbing a nearby mallet and entering the maze of mirrors. “I’m coming fer you,” he shouts.

A carnival tune echos around you as he begins to hum. You see him in a million fractured reflections and get an idea. You shatter the surrounding mirrors and hide around a corner. The hum amplifies and you pull the weapon back, prepared.

You swing the mallet high and catch him off guard, he lets out a shout as his skull collapses inward. The giant falls. You search for the key and rip the ring from his flesh.

You exit the maze. Passing through the silent arena, you unlock the gate and escape into the night.

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